Monday, 8 April 2013


When we are waking up to ourselves and the world around us, it is expected that we will lose some friends along the way. As we grow and transform we become more aware of those we choose to associate ourselves with. We may begin to recognize why and how we attracted certain people into our lives, which then grants us the power to make necessary changes. Your path is just that, it is yours; others have their own and may appear to be walking in a different direction, but in the end we all arrive at the same place no matter the route travelled.

Not every soul is here to experience a total spiritual awakening in this life, and just as you wish your life path to be respected by others, it is important to respect and let others walk their own unique soul path. Trust that we are all right where we need to be, learning the lessons that we need to learn to grow, and ultimately remember who we really are. Wish passers-by well, help others up who have fallen and remember that it is in the journey, not the destination.

~Brendan Schmidt~